2013 Calvert Grande Reserve. Merlot, Cabernet. Bordeaux, FR

The pewter label was initially the thing that grabbed my attention.

Yes, I confess, I bought this wine based on the label.

Normally when I see that sort of thing I don’t expect much from the juice. However when we pulled the cork, the aroma was intoxicating. The dominant grape variety in this blend is Merlot and boy was it getting the job done! It had been blended with Cabernet in this traditional Bordeaux wine. The blackcurrant aroma wafted from the glass, intertwined with a slightly sweet vanillan character.

Like most French wines, on the palate, this one is far less intense than Australian version of the same grape varieties. Then there is the abundance of powdery tannins. It’s as if you’ve breathed in whilst beating the old chalk board dusters. They coat the entire mouth and are almost the defining character of the wine really. The fruit and oak plays second fiddle but they themselves are strong enough to support. The fruit is a unique mix of dark berries and olives blended with cloves and nutmeg. This was definitely a food friendly wine. Lucky for us we were out at a friends place for dinner and Jo had made an amazing chilli pulled pork. The mix of powdery tannin and spice from the wine together with the meal… Wow!

Date tasted: 04/12/2015

Rating: 91/100

Drink with: Chilli pulled pork

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