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Fresh Herbs and Garlic right on our doorstep


Budgee Garlic & Herbs are based in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range about 30 minutes south of Toowoomba and offer a great range of fresh and dried garlic, dried herb products and herb seasoning blends. Dried and packaged on site soon after harvesting The herbs are remain vibrant and full of flavour. Rod and Joan say ou’re bound to be able to taste the difference if you are used to shop bought dried herbs.

Budgee Garlic & Herbs selection ranges from the herb and spice rack staples but also include a range of delicious herb and spice blends developed on the property. These include Zingy Salad Seasoning, Citrus Pepper Seasoning, Salt Free Herb Seasoning and Chilli Lime Salt to name just 3. They even have a totally natural Moth Repellent to keep those little suckers at bay!

These seasoning blends are created from their own herbs and spices wherever possible but if necessary sometimes supplement with certified organic products purchased from Australian suppliers. Australian Sea Salt  or Himalayan Rock Salt is used whenever salt is required. There are no chemical additives or anti-caking agents in Budgee Garlic & Herbs products, a small amount of ground, organic brown rice is added to keep these blends free-flowing.


As members of The Australian Garlic Industry Association all garlic products sold by Budgee Garlic & Herbs are naturally grown without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides on their property. They have a tantalising selection of products including Gourmet Garlic Salt, Herb & Mustard Seed & Chilli Lemon & Lime marinated (pickled) garlic.

Click over to their website and get yourself some of these great herbs and spices today