About Us

Hello there…

Dine Darling Downs was founded by us, Kristen and Jackie, two long-standing friends who finally, after working in advertising, media and website development for many years decided that the time had come to create something about a subject we were both truly passionate about….food!

We are not qualified chefs by any means, but quite simply, we love food. All types of food. We both love to cook and are always experimenting with new meals in our own kitchens or poring over new recipes that we have found.

Our other passions include sourcing the freshest local produce and of course, eating out. When we first thought of developing this website Toowoomba had an impressive and emerging food culture. That culture is now undergoing nothing short of an explosion with new restaurants, coffee shops and eateries opening weekly. We really are spoilt for choice here – and we know it.

So how do you decide what to try?

Where do you go to eat? Well that’s another reason why we created Dine Darling Downs. National food guides are plentiful on the web but finding a local site dedicated solely to good food and dining on the Darling Downs didn’t exist. We really hope we have succeeded in filling that gap.

Dine Darling Downs is your very own local food community. Here you can find a fantastic place to dine in or take out, pick up some food tips or source a great recipe.   You might be after a special ingredient from our gourmet food section or perhaps you want to find out more about local food producers, what they grow, and how you can access the best local produce the regions farmers have to offer. If you are planning a party or event our directory can help you find someone to cater or if you have visitors coming to stay our accommodation guide will help you find them a great place to stay.

Personally you can share your own favourite recipe with us, ask questions and talk to other foodies via our social media pages. And we might add, this is just the beginning, we look forward to bringing you so much more at Dine Darling Downs. This website is yours to experience and be part of… welcome!