Acceptance of Terms

Acceptance of Terms

All Advertisers agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions set out on and/or terms and conditions agreed to over the phone between an authorised agent of both Dine Australia Pty and your business. The terms that apply to your membership are set out in:
  1. these terms including any attachments;
  2. the approved and authorised order form or equivalent contract, over the phone with a Dine Darling Downs Sales person or otherwise;
  3. where applicable; the commercial credit application;
  4. the website terms of use located at ;
  5. any advertising rules and/or guidelines which apply to your service; and
  6. any equivalent approved and authorised document received by Dine Australia Pty Ltd.
  7. Dine Australia Pty Ltd, in its sole discretion, may vary these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Term of Advertising Contract

  1. Membership begins on the date the approved and authorised order form, commercial credit application, verbal agreement with a sales consultant or equivalent contractis received by Dine Australia Pty Ltd
  2. Or when the electronic Membership Application is submitted in your client login area on the website. The membership will continue for a period of 12 months and will be automatically renewed unless you cancel either in writing 2 weeks prior to the renewal date or cancel using your client login area.

Changes to the Contract, Product or Terms

  1. Modifications or revisions of the Advertising Products Terms and Conditions can be made any time by Dine Australia Pty Ltd without any prior warning or notice.
  2. The changes will be effective as soon as they have been posted on the Website.
  3. You should check the terms and conditions from time to time so you are aware of any changes to the site and ser vices.
  4. Your continued use of after any modifications indicates you have accepted the new terms and conditions.

Advertiser Content

  1. The Advertiser is responsible for uploading and maintaining any and all relevant material (Advertiser Material) pertaining to their business on
  2. Dine Australia Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for any of the Advertiser Material.
  3. Dine Australia Pty Ltd will determine the utilisation of all keywords, categories and other material used to describe or categorise a business listing for all purposes relating to the Directory.
  4. Dine Australia Pty Ltd may remove, revise or refuse to publish any Advertiser Material.
  5. Dine Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to include or exclude entry to, or remove a business from, the site and the directory at any time, for any reason whatsoever and without any liability to Dine Australia Pty Ltd.

Advertising Products Terms and Conditions

Termination This Contract may be terminated in the following ways:
  1. At any time the Advertiser and DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD agree;
  2. By DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD without notice if:
    1. If the Advertiser (being an individual or corporation) is declared bankrupt; or
    2. If the Advertiser closes their business or ceases operation
    3. If any action is taken in relation to DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD to be wound up or placed in liquidation or similar events occur which indicate bankruptcy.
DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD may without notice terminate this Contract and all its obligations to an Advertiser if the Advertiser fails to comply with any of its obligations to DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD including, without limitation, the Advertiser’s obligations to:
  1. make any payment to DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD in cleared funds by the due date for payment.: and
  2. if applicable, maintain sufficient funds as required to enable direct debit or MasterCard/Visa transactions
  3. From termination DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD ceases to have any obligation to supply services to the Advertiser.

Fees and Charges

Invoicing and payment Upon receipt of the approved and authorised order form, commercial credit application, verbal agreement with a sales person or equivalent contract by DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, the Advertiser will be issued with a tax invoice inclusive of GST.
  1. The Advertiser must pay all fees and charges as set out in an approved and authorised order form, as stated over the phone by a sales person or equivalent contract upon receipt of a tax invoice on the payment dates set out in that document.
  2. DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD reserves the right to review pricing of Advertising rates as at 30th June each year. Already contracted rates will not change for existing Advertisers until the completion of their 12 month contract. New prices; if applicable, will be applied at the time of contract renewal with notice given via email to existing Advertisers at least 30 days prior to contract renewal date.
  3. The Advertiser acknowledges that the fee and other charges are exclusive of GST. GST is charged at a rate of 10%. If the rate of GST changes, this will simultaneously be reflected in the charges payable by the Advertiser and the Advertiser agrees to pay this increase from the changed date.
  4. The Advertiser is expected to adhere to the payment terms and payment method agreed to on the order form, or as agreed to over the phone with a sales person, or equivalent document.
  5. Payment methods and payment terms accepted by DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD are as follows: credit card and direct debit. Cheque and electronic funds transfer payments are available also and payment is due strictly 14 days from date of tax invoice. Customers paying by cheque and electronic funds transfer are required to fill out a credit application.
  6. Should the Advertiser elect to pay by credit card then DINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD reserves the right to process the credit card for payment as required to achieve a successful outcome in the event that the original processing transaction is unsuccessful. The Advertiser acknowledges that it is solely responsible for any charges or fees associated with insufficient funds or any other such charge relating to the collection of payments.