Breakfast for 3 at Pump@123


There is something about Hollandaise, the grand matriarch sauce of French cuisine, it is one of my absolute favourites.If made correctly, it is rich and deliciously creamy with a slight hint of lemon. I happened to find such a sauce last week at Pump@123 in Russell St when a trio of us decided to head there for breakfast.

Food ordering is done at the counter at Pump so we did so promptly and took a moment to browse around the interesting little gift shop they have while we waited for our meals. Handbags, jewellery, chocolates, gourmet food… it really is an eclectic collection of items I must say, but it all seems to work in this space.

Back to our table for breakfast.

My first guest ordered:

Pancakes (8.95 small) (12.95 Large)

Deliciously light and fluffy pancakes served with Ice-cream (ice-cream, yes, an interesting choice at breakfast but it was good), warmed maple syrup on the side and fresh in season strawberries. These were way better than average and demolished in quick time.

Pancakes on wooden table

Next dish to arrive at our table was

Corn Fritters w grilled haloumi and tomato salsa (12.95)

This was probably my pick of the day. The fritters were generously seasoned, full of crunchy corn and really flavoursome. The grilled haloumi and rocket complimented the dish perfectly and the homemade tomato salsa was both sweet & spicy…just a divine combination of flavours in this dish.

And then came the all-important sauce test on the

Eggs Benedict w bacon (15.95)

Pancakes on wooden table

Firstly I would like to talk about the eggs, because wherever Pump sources their eggs (well obviously from Chickens – but Chickens where?) they were superb! Bright yellow yolks and poached to perfection. The bacon was well cooked and the hollandaise… well, they nailed it! Absolutely brilliant!

In summary – We had three great breakfast dishes, very reasonably priced and washed down with excellent Merlo coffee. Staff were friendly and service quick enough considering the busy time of day.

Verdict: A must for breakfast you will not be disappointed, well deserved applause to the team @Pump123


Kelsey comment:

I have had the pleasure of dining here for brunch. Excellent food, quirky and interesting surroindings, friendly, vibrant place. Huge variety on the menu. Would love to go again soon.