Chocaholics rejoice!


Toowoomba now has its very own award winning chocolate factory guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Metiisto Artisan Chocolate started life in 2012 deep in the forests near Falun, a small Swedish town. In 2016, after winning five international and four academy of chocolate awards, Chocolatiers Trevor and Magdalena decided to close down Metiisto in order to focus on family.

The great news is that after a long break and a lengthy holiday in Trevor’s home country, Australia, they decided to move here permanently and reopened Metiisto in Toowoomba in 2018.

Chocolatiers Trevor and Magdalena have always strived to make delicious and elegant chocolate. Their chocolate is produced in house from bean to finished bar. They use only the finest, ethically sourced ingredients to produce a glossy chocolate bar with a nice hard snap.

As they are now located in the Pacific region they source cocoa from neighbouring countries like the Solomon Islands that are making great efforts to produce high-grade cocoa.

Trevor and Magdalena ensure a premium product by being intensely particular about the whole production process. They are obsessed with the texture of chocolate. To guarantee a perfectly smooth chocolate with an elegant melt, the month-long process starts with making sure every particle of cocoa and sugar is exactly the right size and finishes with every bar being hand-wrapped in an airtight pouch and put into its final package.

Metiiso Artisan Chocolate is free of both soy and gluten

Get your chocolate fix by visiting the Metiisto online shop or pop into one of their local suppliers.