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PO Box 143 Kingsthorpe Qld 4400 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
0427 053 166

About Clayton’s

Clayton’s is a family owned and run boutique certified organic beef producer. Clayton’s cattle are raised on our certified organic family farms in Western Queensland, and selected other certified organic farms in Queensland. All our animals come to Tulloch Brae, where we live, which is just north of Toowoomba nestled in the beautiful Darling Downs. Great pride is taken to ensure the welfare of the cattle is a priority, ensuring a sustainable and ethical journey from farm to plate.

Husband and wife team Clayton & Jackie are passionate and dedicated to farm life, having both been born and bred in the cattle industry. Their shared goal is to provide consistently superior beef, using traditional and modern methods.

At Clayton’s Organics we believe in producing premium quality beef. We are also passionate about animal welfare and in preserving the environment for generations to come

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