Cooby Wines 2012 Shiraz

Cooby Wines have the luxury of being surrounded by a body or water which helps moderate the weather extremes faced by grape growers in Queensland.

Cleverly the rows are planted further apart and less dense (two vines per post) than many other wineries I have seen. This allows for a lot more sunlight, increased fresh air and significantly less need for chemical spray.

Meticulous canopy management is done all by hand. This allows for just the right amount of sunshine to ripen without the risk of sunburn.

The wine itself pours a dense garnet red colour and you are met with a strong plum aroma. The Viognier quotient working really well to lift the intensity of the aroma here.

Really sweet dark berries and over ripe cherries are found on the palate. Hallmark Shiraz traits. Then some dried raisin-like fruit, cinnamon and clove appears toward the end.

The palate feels medium bodied initially but firm tannins and strong oak add density and weight to the strong finish.

Viognier is about 6% of the overall wine. A touch high relative to current trends. It’s impact is clearly seen. It adds a hint of peppery heat to the finish.

The Shiraz & Viognier are co-fermented for almost 2 years in French oak.

In summary I would have to say Cooby Wines 2012 Shiraz Viognier is a bit port-like and should be enjoyed with strong meat dishes or around a campfire.

Date Tasted: July 2017

Rating: 88/100

Drink With: Venison Casserole

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