Delish home style meals for busy people


Our lives are so busy these days and sometimes we are tempted to race through the nearest drive thru to pick up take away for the kids for dinner but we have a much better option, and that is a local company called ICooked.

These guys prepare the most nutritious, fresh and delicious food right here in Toowoomba and they deliver it straight to your workplace or home.

Everything is freshly prepared for you to enjoy at home

The menu is really impressive and varied with serve sizes available for one or for a family of four.

Some of Icooked’s most popular dishes are butter chicken, house made lasagne and chicken and leek pie, trust us, they are really good! 

Perfect for those busy nights when you get home from work, sport or shopping late and you know you have something delicious in the freezer to heat and serve for dinner.

Icooked deliver twice a week in Toowoomba so if you want to make life a little easier in the kitchen and still serve up tasty nutritious food to your fam, check out this brilliant local company. You can give Edwina a call or check out their website