Golden Grove 2016 Accommodation Creek Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc.

The blended world of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon is a crowded one. Like Hollywood, there are your household names, one hit wonders, industry legends and those who are just regularly on the scene. Amusingly a lot of them end up looking the same and cliched. Every now and then though we come across something that is a breath of fresh air.

Tonight I was looking for a distraction. Like a good movie, I needed something to draw my mind away from the day that had just been.

This wine had been out of the fridge about half an hour before i poured it into my glass. The usual pale straw colour confronted me (sigh).

The aroma on the other hand was absolutely popping!! Rich tropical fruits like lychee, peach, mango and syrupy pineapple jump off the top of the glass. Awesome stuff!

The palate offers a similar mix of tropical fruits backed up by some acidic citrus. Navel oranges and properly ripe grapefruit come to mind!

What’s even more pleasurable is how mouth coating the wine is. With it’s partial barrel ferment it’s lip smackingly full and rich. None of this lean & austere nonsense that seems so bland and popular these days.

For me, I’m now looking past the usual suspects in an effort to discover something with more character. “This takes me to a resort in the tropics” my wife said.

Job done Golden Grove! Thank you!!

Date Tasted: Sept 2016
Rating: 93/100
Drink With: Oregano chicken with lemon potatoes and beans
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