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Keith Urban drops in for lunch in Toowoomba


It’s not every day an international super star drops in for lunch in Toowoomba but that’s exactly what happened at this years “It’s a Bloke Thing” lunch at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport.

This event is renowned for extraordinary gestures of generosity. A dedicated fundraising team led by John Wagner sets the bar high and achieves milestones every single year.

This year was no exception with a record breaking 2.2 million dollars raised for research and awareness of prostate cancer.

The message is clear; blokes get tested, early detection saves lives.

We felt privileged to be in the room and when Keith Urban turned up… well needless to say we all turned “fan girl crazy” and headed straight to the front of the stage. The serious part of his performance came when he shared that prostate cancer has had a personal impact on his own family with his father suffering from the disease.

He flew all the way from the US just to attend this single event. What commitment.

Overall it was an amazing day topped off with beautiful wine and food prepared by Chef Alistair McLeod and his team who did a top job with the menu for this event. The food was simple, delicious and near next to perfect, particularly the dessert which was our fave of the day, after Keith of course!