Let Shashemane add a bit of spice to your life!


A demand for high quality unique spice blends prompted husband and wife team Andrew and Kerri Dove to create Shashemane exotic spice blends.

The couple, now based in the Toowoomba region are both qualified chefs with a wealth of experience in the restaurant trade here in Australia and in Europe. Andrew (a Rastafarian by faith) has also presented vegan cooking classes on popular Australian TV programmes The Great Outdoors & Getaway.

The spice blends available from Shashemane are all sourced from their own travels and are 100% Ital. Ital is vegetarian food, as developed and eaten by Rastafarians.

Andrew and Kerri use organic produce whenever possible to make their award winning spice varieties. There are no unnatural fillers, colours, flavours or preservatives in any of the spices & rubs and the selection they have on offer will be sure to inspire your inner chef.

Some of the creative Shashemane Exotic Spice Blends, chutneys and rubs include:

  • Irie Fiery Chai Masala – Mr Chilli winner 2017 Most Unique and Original Product . Our own special Chai blend containing Native Australian Bush Tucker and a hit of Habanero Chilli
  • Shashemane Crush – an Award Winning Salt free seasoning. Use instead of salt on marinated Tofu, add a zip to stews, rub on fish, Lamb or vegetables. Sprinkle over Tofu chips or potatoes before roasting.
  • Kezza’s Mild Kasundi (Chutney) – Our award Winning Mild Mango Kasundi. Mildly spiced kasundi perfect on Fish, pork and seafood. A great alternative to chutney
  • Babylon Burner – Our brutally hot Peach Jerked sauce. Scotch Bonnets provide the heat for this traditional Jamaican sauce . Excellent on cold meats or served on Jerked Pork or Chicken.
  • Ethiopian BERBERE – The ultimate Hot African blend. Use in place of curry powder when making Tomato based stews. Great with Tofu, chicken or beef. Add a little oil to form a paste before smearing on whole joints of meat or chicken before roasting or barbecuing.
  • Jamdung Curry Blend – A spicy Jamaican Curry Powder suitable for Vegetable, Chicken or Goat curries. Hints of Fiery Scotch Bonnets, make this a delight.
  • Jamaican Chicken Rub – Ideal for using as a rub or mixed with a little lime and oil to form a marinade. Rub over whole chickens or pieces before barbecuing or roasting
  • Tumbulgum Dry Meat Rub – This one’s for serious HARD CORE BBQ fanatics! ‘Tumbulgum Dry Brisket Rub’. A fragrant mix of roasted & ground Guji Red Coffee Beans, Wattleseed, Ancho Chilli, Chipotles, Smoked paprika, Dorrigo Pepper Berries, Native Old Man Salt Brush (cool name ha!), chilli flakes, cumin, ginger & brown sugar. This special blend is especially for rubbing on joints of meat for roasting or barbecuing or blending with oil to form a paste before rubbing on steaks, chops or chicken.
  • And so many more…

Shashemane spices can really add unique flavour to your culinary world. Roasted and ground weekly to order – you can guarantee you’re getting the freshest spices everytime.

You can get your spice blends by visiting their Shashemane Facebook Shop and get cooking!