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Fresh from the Farm to you!


Every single stall has a direct link back to a local farm or supports a local farming family and for us that’s pretty special.  But don’t take our word for it,  head to the My Local Feast Farmers Markets in Toowoomba and see for yourself, you will love what’s on offer.  Everything from seasonal produce and local meats to hand-made bread, pasta, jams, honey, and locally grown herbs and salad items.  Yum!

There are two Farmers Markets weekly. A Wednesday market at the Mills Precinct in Ruthven St that gives the community an opportunity to choose supporting local farmers for a mid-week food shop. It only takes a few minutes to duck in and pick up some fresh food or if you feel like hanging around a little longer enjoy a glass of wine and a quick market meal.

The weekend market on the other hand is an outing for the entire family.  Grab some brekkie, take a stroll and enjoy a coffee or some homemade goodies whilst purchasing produce straight from the farmer.

The My Local Feast Farmer’s Markets are on every Wednesday afternoon at the Mills Precinct in Ruthven St and every Saturday under the windmills at Cobb & Co Museum Toowoomba.