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Meringandan Pub

Meringandan Hotel, 28 Main Street Meringandan, Queensland, Australia
(07) 4696 7146

About Meringandan Pub

Meringandan is a small town in Queensland, Australia. The town is located near Highfields, 19 kilometres (12 mi) NNW of Toowoomba. At the 2006 census, Meringandan had a population of 1,474.

It contains two parks; it is also the gateway to Cooby Dam. Meringandan has one school, a country pub, convenience store and a butcher. It is drained by the meandering Meringandan Creek.

The name Meringandan is a corruption of the aboriginal words, Moorin meaning fire and Gandan meaning clay. Therefore Meringandan means ‘place of fire and clay’.

Meringandan Pub has premium hearty country meals at great prices.