Oh my… Sugar High at Gips


Toasted pistachio crumb, deconstructed key lime pie, thyme pannacotta… today’s reality cooking shows have introduced us to a whole new world of dessert terminology and the creations they make are somewhat mind-boggling. Imagine how thrilled we were to discover a young and amazingly talented local chef creating similar masterpieces on a daily basis right here at Gips Restaurant in Toowoomba.

Chef Katie has been using her imagination to assemble some of the most delicious and exotic desserts you will find for over 3 years now and she told us that while she uses cooking shows and magazines for inspiration, she always ensures that each dessert has a little something extra to set it apart by the way of taste or texture. Not only do Katie’s desserts look amazing on the plate, the taste, well, simply divine.


Verdict: Gips is a Toowoomba icon and they have a fabulous reputation for quality service and beautiful food, true. But next time you visit Gips, we would highly recommend you save room for dessert or try the menu backwards… starting with Dessert

Pictured in this post:

WATTLE + VIOLET PANNA COTTA – wattle seed panna cotta, violet semi freddo + jelly, malto

POPPY SEED + WILD STRAWBERRY + SOUR CREAM – poppy seed terrine, marshmallow, microwave cake, wild strawberry, sour cream ice cream, rosemary

YUZU + PISTACHIO + BASIL – pistachio cake, yuzu curd, basil lime sorbet, raspberries, meringue (GF/DF/V/)