Share plate dining at Charred Toowoomba


Share table dining is a thing at my house. On the weekends you will often find a table laden with a variety of our fave dishes and a stack of family and friends digging in. It’s what we love to do.

With this in mind I was keen to try the shared dinner menu at Charred, a new kid on the restaurant block in Toowoomba situated in the old Weiss Restaurant building at the top of Margaret St.

Venue & Drinks:

The evening setting at Charred is relaxed with views of the lush gardens providing a nice backdrop for our dining experience. Charred is licensed with a decent range of quality Australian wines and several craft beers available. We settled on a Four Hearts Brewery Pale Ale ($9) and a glass of Leeuwin Art Riesling ($9) to start.

The Chef:

Our share table was for four guests and Chef Nic Wood sent out a tantalizing array of dishes for us to try. Nic’s an excellent chef who has carved an out a stellar career in hospitality in the SA wine districts and in Queensland. His enthusiasm for his craft could not be more genuine and that is reflected on each plate that rolls out over the pass at Charred.

Our share meals included:

Beef – Rump cap served medium rare with caper pesto – $36. This was melt in your mouth tender and the pesto had a zing of coriander which I personally loved. (I know Coriander is that crazy divisive herb 😂)

Crispy Sweet Potato Wedges – $10 Large serve. I was surprised by how big this serving was and thought we would never finish them. We did. Made in house and twice cooked they were delicious!

Fish – Whole Snapper stuffed w Australian florals – $40. From experience I know it’s hard to cook whole fish just right, it can easily be undercooked or dry but this Snapper was baked to perfection. The herb stuffing was subtle enough that it didn’t overpower the delicate flavour of this supreme ocean fish. Another big plus.

Salad – Roast Pumpkin – $12. Tea soaked prunes and the creamiest feta accompanied slivers of sweet roast pumpkin, rocket and onion in this salad that was a stand out for me and probably my favourite dish. (Yes, even though it’s a side it was sensational)

We also enjoyed some seasonal vegetables and greens (both $12) as well as mouth-watering garlic roasted mushrooms w fresh thyme, ahhh so good!


Dessert was as artful as it was delicious. The Peanut Butter Bar ($16) evoking eye rolling mmm’s all around, was declared a winner but the Panna Cotta ($16) – Vanilla Orange-blossom jelly set with local edible flowers resting delicately atop vanilla bean panna cotta was the true testament to Chef Nics supreme culinary skills.