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Sustainable and Ethical Farming on our doorstep


The Neuendorfs, David, Bronwyn and son Brenton are a 4th generation farming family who have been in the fertile Lockyer Valley since 1918. Sustainable farming, working with, improving the environment and producing ethically raised animals is their passion and it certainly shows at 9Dorf Farms.

Originally dairy farmers the family moved on to lucerne and horticulture however David realised that farming in today’s financial climate offered few rewards. He began investigating new ways to diversify while working with the environment to heal the land.

This opened up new opportunities to provide ethically grown produce and sell direct to the public. Starting with a 30 tonne aquaculture recirculation system which was built in 2011 to grow Australian native fish, the Neuendorfs moved onto the next phase, rejuvinating the paddocks using the controlled movement of cattle followed closely behind by poultry.

The farm now specialises in pasture raised poultry (eggs and meat chickens), aquaculture, pasture raised beef and pork.


9Dorf Farms opens it’s gates for public tours and gives visitors a taste of life on their working property. You’ll be able to see the workings of a diverse farm, tour the fish shed at feeding times and head off through the lucerne crops to the paddocks where chickens are roaming in the sunshine and cattle are grazing on the pasture.

This hands on tour will have you feeding the poddy calves in the nursery, collecting eggs out in the paddock and even catching a fish the easy way! Adults and kids will love the experience.

Personalized tours of 15 or more can be arranged while small groups can register online for the “First Sunday Of The Month” tour. Educational packages for schools are also catered for. Lunches and morning tea can be provided as well.

The Neuendorfs would love to welcome you to their farm and show you around the workings of an ethical and sustainable farm.

For bookings or more information go to their website and get in contact.