Taste Test

Taste Test – Danish Flower Art Gourmet Cafe

No one can do scones like grandma, well, that’s what we thought until we had a lovely Sunday morning tea at Danish Flower Art Gourmet Café. You will find this charming little café about a minutes’ drive past the Coles shopping centre along the New England Highway in Highfields. Upon arriving our two young boys spotted the tractors and sandpit so they were very happy. While they were cheerfully playing, we found a shady spot under the beautiful big maple tree and browsed over the generous menu. We decided on a couple of the speciality scones (6.90 – 2 scones ) for the kids. Our selections were ginger and blueberry scones with homemade blueberry jam and cream, & raspberry and white chocolate scones with raspberry jam and cream. Beau and I decided on a piece of cake each choosing the choc/orange Jaffa cake (6.90) and the baked butterscotch cheesecake (6.90). DanishFlowerArt2 While we waited (only 10 mins) I went for a wander around the shops which included beads, jewellery and the home of the “gourds”, fascinating and colourfully painted hollowed dried fruits. Beau took the boys down to the pond to see the ducks and geese, there’s a little bit of everything here. When our morning tea arrived to the table the scones looked and smelled divine, they were so fluffy and the jam had the perfect amount of sweetness and tartness with the fresh berries. Both pieces of cake were generous serves & deliciously moist. To drink we chose the banana and berry smoothie (4.90) for the kids and for the grownups, a long black (3.50) and a Danish dark hot chocolate (4.90) that came topped with cream, yummy! All four of us had a lovely morning tea in the fresh air for what we believed to be great value, around $40 total. The overall experience of the Danish Flower Art Gourmet Café was very relaxed, just like going to visit grandma in the country. Contributed by guest foodie’s Beau & Megan Weedan


Kelsey Neilson comment:

This sounds like a fabulous place to go for all. It's hard to find good scones and the quirkiness and family friendly surrounds all seems to add up to a very appealing outing. Thanks for the tip Megan and Beau