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Taste the freshness

It’s no secret that at Dine Darling Downs we are passionate about our local farmers and love to share their stories with you. Meet Andrew & Ali Ruhle from Jalbirri Googums, pictured here with their gorgeous little boy Quin. They proudly supply fresh tasty eggs grown from their happy free range hens right here on the Darling Downs. GG Andrew & Ali have always kept their own backyard chickens and believe that you cannot beat the freshness and taste. With this in mind they decided to expand on that simple backyard system and set up their own free range egg business. At Jalbirri Googums their happy hens are left to roam & graze freely, and with only 700 chooks per hectare (Industry standard for free range chickens is 10000 per hectare) they definitely have loads of space. Andrew told us that egg production is also a positive means to develop more sustainable agricultural systems for this third generation farming family. Not only do they produce the freshest free range eggs, their crops of sorghum, corn, wheat & barley benefit too, as the chickens create sustainable fertilizers. Jalbirri 8 Jalbirri Googums guaranteed fresh delivery means that the eggs are collected daily and delivered no longer than 7 days old. You can find Jalbirri Googums Free range eggs at the Toowoomba Farmers’ Market (next to Cobb & Co) every fortnight or at selected suppliers in Toowoomba and surrounds. For more information contact Andrew & Ali via their website