What is a Taste Test anyway?

A Dine Darling Downs Taste Test is an appraisal of a restaurant, café, club or take away meal that we or one of our ‘Guest Foodies’ have tried. It could be anything from lunch or coffee at a newly discovered café, to the culinary fine points of a five star dining experience, and everywhere in between. These are genuine experiences that are provided to help you make the all-important choice of where do we go to eat? There is no favouritism and we; and the contributors who supply us with our Taste Tests have no connection at all to the restaurant or venue that we write about. We don’t post bad experiences. If we have a bad experience we just don’t post it because, quite simply we don’t want DineDarlingDowns to become just a forum for whiners and complainers. That’s not our thing. Our goal is to create a positive food community and highlight all of the amazing dining options available on the Downs. As our site grows so will our list of Taste Tests. Please remember that these posts reflect the writers experience at the time and management and circumstance of that venue may change which means your experience at the same place may not be the same… but we hope it is elements TasteTestFooter